Work Lap Dance Nights

Professione Lap Dancer deals with boys and girls get in touch with the owners or Lap Dance Clubs Night Clubs in order to work among those proposed.
Thanks to the many contacts with principal night and lap dance in Italy, we offer a real chance to become part of the staff of one of them.

The tasks that are required are:

    For girls
  • - Cubist or girl image in Disco
  • - Entertainer or dancer in Lap Dance
  • - Entertainer or girl image in Night Club
  • - Barmaid

    For boys
  • - Bouncer
  • - Driver
  • - Barman
  • - Staff Room

After an initial contact with the applicant, the Staff of Professione Lap Dancer will evaluate all requests at their disposal and through the room itself, will set a job interview.
From that moment on, the relationship with Professione Lap Dancer ends and the candidate will interact only with the same local.

Professione Lap Dancer does not enter into any contract or clauses closely related to it as working hours, wages, fees, etc ...
Therefore, it is in no way responsible for any disputes between worker and employer.

For information or to send a Curriculum write an e-mail to info[AT]